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    High Ropes

    A challenge above the ground

    Skywalkers, Mt. Wood, the Lookout, indoor climbing, and more are popular activities at Camp.

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    Staying Cool in the Summer

    Our pools (open for Summer Camp) and lake are great places to cool off, explore, and try new things.

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    Not your average slides

    The Bullet and Arrow in Lake Village, and the Black Hole in River Village are very popular year-round activities.


The Richard G. Marsh Lake

Our man-made lake is one of our most popular attractions. Featuring two-person kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, blobs, water trampolines, water slides, a rope swing, a cargo net and more, the Richard G. Marsh is the perfect spot to spend a summer afternoon. On the beach you can build a sandcastle, play volleyball, or challenge a friend to a game of checkers in the shade.

The lake isn’t just fun. It’s safe. Campers take part in activities based on their swim level which is determined at the beginning of the week. A detailed life-guarding plan ensures all campers are actively monitored. The buddy system ensures nobody is left alone. Emergency radios and safety equipment are present in strategic locations.

Bradshaw & Shirk Pools

The camp experience is always better with great swimming pools and Camp Tecumseh delivers. The Bradshaw and Shirk Pools have something for everyone.

  • Two springboard diving boards
  • A two-meter platform and a three-meter platform
  • Two fun slides – one with a twist and one offering a big splash
  • A rope traverse delivering a splashy challenge
  • Large open swimming areas for all sorts of fun pool games

We teach morning clinics at the pool and do swimming lessons for campers who need them. And, naturally, we have plenty of trained lifeguards carefully watching all of the action. When you add the sunshine and the atmosphere at Camp T, the pools are the setting for lots of summer fun.

The pool is only available for use during summer camp.

Barbara F. Kampen Green Cathedral

One of Camp Tecumseh’s original structures, the Green Cathedral was built in 1924. While it’s undergone a number of updates and upgrades, the Barbara Kampen Green Cathedral still marks the symbolic heart of the Camp Tecumseh experience. Set entirely in stone, the chapel symbolically affirms our commitment to Christian principles, while providing a sturdy, rugged, and timeless aesthetic. Overlooking the Tippecanoe River and crowned by a stained glass cross, the chapel features a large stage, stone benches that seat over 700, and a state of the art audio/visual system.

Kettelhut Chapel

Overlooking the Richard G. Marsh Lake, the Kettelhut chapel is one of the most picturesque locations at camp. Designed to seat 300 with a state of the art audio/visual system, the chapel is home to Lake Village chapels three times a week, as well as songfests during the summer.


Set in the heart of the Oak Forest, Skywalkers is a paradise for climbing fans and the perfect venue to conquer fears and build confidence. Swing, step, and climb while suspended nearly 40 feet in the air. Get clipped in at the beginning while on the ground, start climbing, and overcome obstacles that will challenge you physically and mentally.

Skywalkers is an individually booked activity separate from traditional weekend activities. 

Mt. Wood

One of the most unique camp climbing towers in the country, Mt. Wood offers a challenge for climbers of various skill. Beginners can try the easiest 20-foot routes, while more skilled climbers can attempt the 43-foot summit climb. Climbing harnesses, helmets, and belay line systems are always used, and climbing takes place only under the close supervision of trained Tecumseh staff.

Inside the Mt. Wood complex is another climbing wall, as well as a creative ‘bouldering wall’ where campers can practice their climbing moves and build up their stamina.

The Lookout

Overlooking the Richard G. Marsh Lake, the Lookout tower in Lake Village provides a challenging rock-climbing course and an exhilarating zipline over the lake. With 3 walls varying in difficulty the Lookout is perfect for beginning and advanced climbing. Climbers always use a harness and helmet and trained Tecumseh staff take charge of the belay, ensuring a safe experience.

The Lookout Tower also serves as the starting point for a 450 foot zipline across the lake that offers a thrilling ride and fantastic views. The lake zipline is only available as an activity for Pathfinder age campers during the summer.

You don’t have to be a thrill seeker to enjoy the Lookout Tower. A spiral stairway on the inside of the tower provides access to the platform at the top, featuring one of the best views of the sunset over the Equestrian pastures. The Lookout Tower is a wonderful spot for sleep-outs and late night devotions.


A staple of the traditional camp experience, Camp Tecumseh features an archery range in both River Village and Lake Village. Supervised by trained Tecumseh staff, the archery range is a safe, fun place to get in touch with your inner Robin Hood.


Learn to shoot and improve your marksmanship in a safe environment. Led by a trained Tecumseh staff member, we use .22 caliber bolt action rifles.


River Village Stables

A favorite for both seasoned equestrians and those who have never ridden a horse, the River Village Stables are the perfect spot to meet some of Tecumseh’s four legged friends. Take a relaxed horseback trail ride through the beautiful Pine Forest, led by expertly trained and experienced Camp Tecumseh staff.

Mini Farm

Ever held a chicken, fed an alpaca, or given a goat a hug? Look no further. The Minifarm houses rabbits of all ages, miniature horses, a chicken coop, ducks, goats, and so much more. Opportunities to learn about and interact with these calm, well-cared for animals are plentiful.

Equestrian Center

A premiere riding facility, the Equestrian Center houses Camp Tecumseh’s summer equestrian program. With numerous pastures, an indoor riding arena, classrooms, and even its own climbing wall, there’s no better place to grow as a rider.

Bullet & Arrow Slides

The Bullet and the Arrow aren’t your typical playground slides. Made for fun and adrenaline, these high speed slides are a thrilling ride every time.

The Black Hole

The joy that comes from riding down a hill on a sled isn’t reserved for snow; it’s available year-round at the Black Hole. Hop on a sled and ride down one of the two twin slides. Ride solo or take a buddy with you and away you’ll go.

Three House Tree House & Giant Chair

In 1948, our scenic pine forest started out as a Christmas Tree farm. Now it’s one of Camp’s most beautiful locations. Find the Giant Chair, a popular spot for groups to stop, enjoy nature, and set up a hammock. After that, head to the Three House Treehouse for a hobo dinner, a sleepout, or a game of capture the flag.

Suspension Bridge

One of the longest walking suspension bridges in Indiana lives here at Camp Tecumseh. Guests love running over the Richard G. Marsh Lake and taking in the views. The bridge, which connects Lake Village to the Upper Pioneer Settlement, offers stunning views of the lake below, of Camp after a freshly fallen snow, of the beautiful fall foliage, and of the stunning greens of spring and summer.

Keep Exploring

There’s more to explore at Camp Tecumseh.