Our mission is helping other organizations better meet theirs

At Camp Tecumseh, we work hard to create a joyful, engaging environment. Our hope is that the experience groups have here equips them to better carry out their work back home in their own communities.

  • A world-class staff

    Friendly, welcoming, and exceedingly helpful, our staff believes in hands-on, bend-over-backwards customer service. From trip planning, to event logistics, we have your back at every step.

  • A beautiful setting

    Situated on the banks of the Tippecanoe River, Camp Tecumseh is a gem in the middle of rural Indiana. Our beautiful facilities are surrounded by 600 acres of woods, fields, and water all waiting to be explored.

  • Unplug

    Unplug from the chaos back home and focus exclusively on connecting with those around you. The Tecumseh experience is intentionally designed to bring people closer together.

Event Planning

Equally experienced in event planning and stress reduction

Conference planning can be difficult. Let our dedicated and experienced staff take some of it off your plate.

  • Room setup

    We’ll set the rooms up for you exactly as you want them prior to your arrival. Our flexible facilities can be arranged and re-arranged to best suit your needs.

  • Technical support and no fees

    From laptops and projectors to in-room sound systems, we take care of your technical needs. And we we won’t charge you extra for it.

  • Logistics

    We’re happy to work with you to build the perfect schedule, set up check-in and check-out, order bed linens, and provide assistance during the duration of your conference.


Charming, flexible, and built to bring people together

From on-site dining offering meal services throughout your trip, to flexible spaces that can be arranged and customized to fit your needs, our facilities are as beautiful as they are useful.



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  • Presentation Spaces

    Our presentation spaces come equipped with high quality audio/visual systems, plenty of space, and lots of character.

  • Breakout Spaces

    Sprinkled throughout our facilities are cozy breakout spaces perfect for small-group discussion and community building.

  • Sleeping Facilities

    Comfortable communal sleeping quarters bring groups closer together.

  • Dining Facilities

    On-site dining facilities provide delicious meals all throughout your conference.


Close enough to get here easily. Far enough away to disconnect.

Located between Chicago, Indianapolis, and Lafayette, Camp Tecumseh is within 2 hours of 3 major airports, 15 minutes off of I-65, and within 30 minutes of an Amtrak station.

  • By car

    15 minutes east of I-65, we’re an easy drive from anywhere in the midwest. Ample parking is available on-site.

  • By plane

    Within 90 minutes of the Indianapolis Airport, and within two hours of O’Hare and Chicago Midway, it’s easy to get here from around the world. Shuttle service is available to Lafayette, which is 30 minutes away.

  • By train

    The Lafayette amtrack station is 30 minutes from Camp with coast-to-coast service from Washington state to Washington DC, and LA to New York.

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