What is the Trailblazer Society?

The Trailblazer Society is Camp Tecumseh’s official way of recognizing special friends of camp who have made provisions through their estate plans, or a significant contribution to, the YMCA Camp Tecumseh Endowment Fund.

The YMCA Camp Tecumseh Endowment Fund will help ensure:

  • Campers have access to financial assistance.
  • Camp has funds to maintain the quality and safety of the buildings and property.
  • International counselors have access to travel assistance which will help attract the best staff possible.
  • Development and continuous improvement of our programs will carry on in perpetuity.

Trailblazers share the knowledge that Camp Tecumseh is a powerful influence in helping young men and women achieve their highest potential. You can become a member of the Trailblazer Society in different ways. The most common is to include the YMCA Camp Tecumseh Endowment Fund in your estate plans. This is usually done by naming Camp as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance, or trust. Some have made more specialized plans such as a charitable gift annuity or remainder trust. Others have become trailblazers by making a significant current contribution to the endowment fund.

“My husband and I were both educators. We just want kids to be healthy and happy. What the program does down here at Camp is so wonderful for kids. I appreciate what they are doing and I’d like to do what I can to continue that legacy.” –Phyllis Ross, Trailblazer Society member

Please call Stacey Seeger, Director of Development, at 765.564.2898 if you have questions.