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    Growing in Character

    Rooted in the “I’m Third motto”, which states that God is first, the other person is second, and we are third, our Day Camp program strives to instill the values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility in all of our campers through morning chapels, carefully designed programs, and intentional interactions with staff.

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    Exploring the Outdoors

    Nestled on the banks of the Tippecanoe River, Camp Tecumseh offers campers over 600 acres of outdoor space to explore. From the 100 foot high trees of the pine forest, to the riverside trails that run alongside the Tippecanoe, to massive open fields perfect for large group games, our outdoor spaces provide the perfect environment for a week of laughing, playing, and learning.

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    Unleashing Imagination

    From baking a cake on somebody’s head, to building a sand fortress in a fictional land, Camp Tecumseh offers kids countless opportunities to unleash their imagination in a collaborative and cooperative environment.

it starts with exceptional staff

Loving counselors dedicated to your child’s growth

Great Day Camp experiences start with great counselors. Representing some of the best and brightest of their generation, our counselors are expertly trained, exceedingly friendly, and extraordinarily creative. They are masters of forging friendships, teaching new skills, leading adventures, and instilling kids with the confidence to take on the world. We put two of them in your child’s trail group so they have unparalleled access to great role models all week long who complement the lessons you’re already teaching at home.

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    Carefully Selected

    Tecumseh counselors are the best of the best. Every year, eager young men and women from all over the United States apply to be Day Camp counselors. Our rigorous interview and selection process identifies those best suited to serve as role models to your children.

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    Expertly Trained

    Whether they are teaching their campers how to swim, leading morning chapel, or helping campers explore nature, our counselors undergo extensive training prior to your camper’s arrival to ensure all of our campers stay safe while growing in core values.

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    Role Models

    Our counselors aren’t just role models here at camp. They are role models back at home. As leaders of clubs and organizations, captains of sports teams, diligent students, and members of churches, they demonstrate Tecumseh values all year long.

Trail Groups & Ages

Your child’s home team while at Camp

Day campers take on their Tecumseh experience in trail groups. Composed of 10-12 co-ed campers within one year of age and 2-3 counselors, trail groups help kids build relationships, develop trust, and practice communication. Throughout the week, your child’s trail group will act as their home team.

The Day Camp experience evolves as our campers get older. With four distinct age groups, each step complements the values being taught at home and enhances the camper’s social, emotional, and spiritual development.

Units at Day Camp

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  • Blazers

    5-6 years old

    Our youngest unit in Day Camp, the Blazer experience is optimized for making friends and learning about respect. Favorite activities like parachute games, cake head, and cops & robbers ensure lots of fun, while opportunities to play in the pool and take a short pony ride help build confidence.

  • Rangers

    7-8 years old

    Building on the Blazer experience, Rangers learn about faith, friendship, and more through many of the same activities as Blazers including snow hikes and the Nature Center.

  • Explorers

    9-10 years old

    New activities like archery and aquatics time at the Richard G. Marsh Lake are available to Explorers.

  • Voyagers

    11-12 years old

    The oldest campers at Day Camp, Voyagers take full advantage of everything Day Camp has to offer. Shooting BB guns at the BB gun range, and a full trail ride through the pine forest are only some of the activities Voyagers enjoy.

Action-packed days that help kids grow

Ride a horse through the pine forest. Shoot down the black hole slide. Hold a turtle at the Nature Center. Get your face painted. Every Day Camp day is packed with an exciting variety of activities that help our campers grow, discover the world around them, and unleash their imagination.

Note: Activities canceled due to inclement weather, including horseback riding, may not be rescheduled.

Trail Group Activities

Most activities throughout the week take place with a camper’s trail group! Day Camp activities vary by age level and may include:

Nature center

Black hole

Sand castles

Finger painting


BB guns

Mini Farm


Mt. Wood

Bubbles & Chalk

The playground at Fort Discovery

Optimist Challenge obstacle course

Arts & Crafts

Horseback riding


Parachute games


Lake time



Water Balloon Volleyball

Capture the flag

3 House Tree House


Daily Schedule

Time Activity Notes
9:15 – 9:50 Drop-off If you are running late, please call the office (7655642898).
10:00 Day Camp Chapel
10:20 Activity Period 1 Activities include arts & crafts, sports, games, nature hikes, team building activities, etc.
11:00 Activity Period 2 Thursday: Periods 1 & 2 are all-camp Gold Rush

Friday: Periods 1 & 2 are all-camp World Service Carnival

11:45 Sack Lunch Campers bring a sack lunch each day which is refrigerated upon arrival
12:30 Activity Period 3/Pool Campers swim each day, during either activity period 3 or 4
1:30 Pool/Activity Period 4 Campers swim each day, during either activity period 3 or 4
2:30 Group Games and Activities
2:45 Daily Wrap-up
3:00 – 3:45 Pick-up If you are running late, please call the office (7655642898).


Learn to swim at Day Camp

With two full size pools carefully supervised by trained lifeguards, Camp Tecumseh is the perfect place to learn how to swim. Every day, the one hour pool time is divided between swim instruction and free swim. With lesson plans designed for every swimming ability, your camper will improve as a swimmer while growing in confidence and having fun. A swim check on Monday will determine your camper’s swim lesson plan for the week.

  • Starfish

    For campers who demonstrate nervousness swimming on their own, the starfish lesson plan is designed to introduce kids to swimming in a fun and safe way. Simple exercises like sitting on the edge of the pool and kicking their legs, blowing bubbles, and floating on their back help kids acclimate to feeling independent in the water while teaching basic swimming techniques.

  • Minnows

    For campers who love the water but don’t demonstrate knowledge or mastery of one competitive swimming stroke, the minnow lesson plan is designed to teach basic swimming techniques while keeping kids safe. With the help of pool noodles and kick boards, campers learn how to float, kick their legs, and go underwater.

  • Salmon and Trout

    For campers who demonstrate knowledge and technique in the front-crawl stroke, the salmon and trout lesson plans are designed to continue developing proper swimming techniques. Campers learn and practice proper kicking technique for both the front-crawl and either the breast stroke or the back stroke, while learning breathing techniques and arm movements.

  • Bluegill

    For campers who demonstrate knowledge and technique in the front-crawl and either the breast stroke or back stroke, but are still working to master them, the bluegill plan seeks to shore up techniques to improve swimming ability, endurance, and breathing. Kicking exercises, lots of practice, and fun games all help campers nail their swimming strokes.

  • Barracudas

    For competent swimmers who can demonstrate mastery of the front-crawl, and a second competitive swimming stroke, the barracuda lesson plan provides lots of games and practice that help campers perfect their skills in treading water, diving deep, and building endurance.

Horseback Riding

With over sixty horses, a world-class equestrian staff, and beautiful trails that lead through the pine forest, there is no better place to ride a horse than Camp Tecumseh. Every camper who attends Day Camp will have a scheduled trail ride time. Our equestrian staff and our counselors lead our campers on a trail ride through the pine forest that varies in length depending on camper age. Certified by the American Camp Association and the Certified Horsemanship Association, Camp Tecumseh’s equestrian programs are abundantly safe while helping kids grow in confidence.

Dates & Availability

Day Camp 2024 registration opened March 1 and the cost is $195. $50 of the fee is due with registration.
  • 2024 Day Camp Dates
    Week 1 June 17 – 21 Waitlisted $195
    Week 2 June 24 – 28 Waitlisted $195
    Week 3 July 1 – 5 Waitlisted $195
    Week 4 July 8 – 12 Waitlisted $195
    Week 5 July 15 – 19 Waitlisted $195
    Week 6 July 22 – 26 Waitlisted $195
    Week 7 July 29 – August 2 Waitlisted $195
  • 2024 Themes
    Week 1 June 17 – 21 Wild Wild West
    Week 2 June 24 – 28 Cartoons
    Week 3 July 1 – 5 American Spirit
    Week 4 July 8 – 12 Pirates and Princesses
    Week 5 July 15 – 19 Tecumseh Saurus
    Week 6 July 22 – 26 Superheroes
    Week 7 July 29 – August 2 Sports Mania

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